Unique Markets

M 1 YREL  Tinh Bien in An Giang province is seen as a trade and service centre in the south-western region, principally selling all species of insects, from queen termites, centipedes, scorpions, geckos, to spiders. M 2 MWEX M 3 KLGB
M 4 YJTM  Phu Dat rat market in Binh Long village, Chau Phu district in An Giang province is the largest one in western region. Each day around 3-5 tons of rats are sold. M 5 YKUR  Up to more than 200 out of total 600 local households live by hunting and selling rats. M 6 AVJX
M 7 IPYV  A market on Hoang Hoa Tham Street in Hanoi sells many kinds of insects like superworms, green grasshoppers, and crikets. M 8 KEMQ  The insect market opens from 8am to 7pm, but it is most bustling more often than not at weekends. M 9 WSYV
M 10 WQTU  Luc Yen gemstone market in Yen Bai province run just a few hours in the morning, selling gems collected by the locals. M 11 RUKY M 12 ATZZ
M 13 RUDJ  oa Binh or flea market is a famous second-hand market in the capital city.  It was formed in the 1954-1955 period and located at the end of the Hue Street lying along other streets including Thinh Yen, Dong Nhan, Tran Cao Van and Chua Vua. M 14 MUXC  It sells many kinds of second hand products at different prices between VND5,000-10,000 at lowest levels or even up to millions of VND. M 15 HHDX  Fighting cock market is part of Ha Dong market in Hanoi, opening on the 5,10, 15, 20, 25 and 30th of every lunar month.