Reunification Palace

Reunification Hall, also known as Reunification Palace or Independence Palace, is located in the heart of Sai Gon, pre 1975 was known as the Presedential Palace.
20140117161030-1  Pre 1975 was know as Presedential Palace 20140117161030-2  Tank No. 843 was the first tank that entered the Independence Palace at noon on April 30, 1975. 20140117161030-3  The UH1 Helicopter of President Nguyen Van Thieu
20140117161030-4  The Mercedes belonging President Nguyen Van Thieu 20140117161030-5  A system of ventilation and windows letting in sunshine with elegant-bamboo sections is a unique architectural feature of the palace. 20140117161030-6  An octagonal house on the palace grounds
20140117161030-7  The second floor’s corridor of the palace. 20140117161030-8  The carpet embroidered with dragons and phonixes is placed in the great hall of the palace 20140117161030-9  The work room for the president.
20140117161030-10  The room for presenting credentials. 20140117161030-11  The stateroom for receiving delegations. 20140117161030-12  The meeting room of the president and his cabinet council
20140117161030-13  The archive room in the basement of the palace. 20140117161030-14  The projection room in the palace. 20140117161030-15  The room for entertainment.
20140117161030-16  The dinning room of the president’s wife.