Saigon From Behind

Seven young Vietnamese drawing enthusiasts have unveiled their project to depict Ho Chi Minh City as seen from behind people’s backs in a gentle and nostalgic fashion.
The drawing project is undertaken by Mark Nguyen, Tran Huu Danh, Hiia Huynh, Phong Vo, Ha Thanh Huy, Tuan Linh Tinh, and Ghi Nguyen.
aQzV1teH  A rice noodle vendor delivers his dishes on a bicycle. dGrnvacC  et (Lunar New Year) flowers EBjhw5Zw  Ducks transported to Ho Chi Minh City from the countryside
EerQiJJc  Relocation service GxMUX7g5  Garbage collectors and their cart h7hPD9RN  A paper pinwheel seller seen from behind. This is so nostalgic as one can rarely see paper pinwheel sellers in Ho Chi Minh City now.
mVkVFCLt  Traffic policemen from behind nfgbJmaj  This was a popular means of transport for many passengers in Ho Chi Minh City in the past. The vehicle is called ‘xe lam’ by Saigonese. ‘Lam’ is a shortened form of the three-wheeled Lambro, made by the famed Italian company Lambretta. wWQgGhNX  Santa Claus is coming to town.
ylHG402O  This is GrabBike, right?