North Vietnam Pre 1975

These realistic pictures were taken by Thomas Billhardt, a famous German war correspondent in North Vietnam during the war against Americans.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-01 vlwm  Wartime Romance redsvn-thomas-billhardt-02 tihw  A temporary bridge is being built next to a bridge destroyed by a U.S. bomb. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-03 bdns  A volunteer lights a cigarette for another in a cemetery. They both lost a leg.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-04 osjp  At the morgue, an old lady is in pain before the body of her grandchild who was killed by a U.S. bomb. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-05 ifnh  After the bombing. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-06 disn  People looking for property left in the rubble of their homes.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-07 yuwe  The victims of U.S. bombs in an underground field hospital. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-08 yjxl  Some people lose a part of their bodies. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-09 tmuq  The face of an injured woman.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-10 zbhd  Medical staff take care of patients under the light of oil lamps. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-11 vmaw  An incomplete body taken out of a dilapidated house. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-14 fytm  A large rally held at August Revolution Square, Hanoi.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-12 bqlc  Female soldiers at the rally. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-15 tjny  Doing military exercises on the street. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-16 lcxr  People travel by boat in the Yen Spring, Huong Pagoda.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-17 gczc  A hurried boat trip. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-18 ytpg  These mines were dug up on the dirt road. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-19 ykmr  People rest during their evacuation.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-20 ivli  On a truck carrying wounded soldiers. 20150703171205-1  Guarding a spy. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-22 qmfu  An American pilot arrested by militia.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-21 iudr  A female militia escort an American pilot. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-23 shwq  American POWs wipe tears while reading a letter in prison. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-24 nirt  Two children tend buffaloes.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-25 oiqz  The boy turned his buffalo into a blackboard to learn math. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-26 qjdi  A wounded solder alongside his teammate. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-27 rmmv  Two kids carried by their mother by bike.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-28 mcex  Helping dad. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-29 xfqq  A little girl sitting on the dugout mouth. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-30 ygbt  Sister and brother.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-31 wfjr  Sulking when being teased. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-32 wytq  A female militia with her child. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-33 stcz  A kid riding a buffalo to escape the rain.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-34 emrz  A painter works at a construction site. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-35 qvzd  An ethnic minority kid. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-36 ajiq  Soldiers at air defense missile launchers.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-37 czth  A kid sitting in a bomb shelter. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-38 sauh  A street devastated by US bombing. redsvn-thomas-billhardt-39 hwcl  Boy on buffalo.
redsvn-thomas-billhardt-40 zmlt  In dad's arms.