Hanoi 200 Years Before-After

Hanoi through 3 Centuries
Picture1  The road to Hang Khoai Street. Picture2  Hang Dao Street. Picture3  A shop at No. 90 Hang Dao.
Picture4  Hang Trong Street police station. Picture5  Hoan Kiem Lake over a century ago. picture6  Hang Ngang Street.
Picture7  Hang Bac Street in the late 19th century. Picture8  Hang Chieu Street in 1896. Picture9  Hang Dau water tower was built in the late 19th century.
Picture10  House No. 47 Hang Bac in the 19th century. Picture11  Ma May Street. Picture12  Hang Than Street.
Picture13  Hang Duong in 1930. Picture14  Hang Trong Street. Picture15  To Tich Street in 1980.