a1 1  Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province has an area of 5,000 m2. The only rock road to the island is 2m deep under the water and it only rises at low tide. a2 1  Local people said that on the full moon days of the seventh and the tenth month of lunar calendar, the road will rise during the day so local people and visitors can go to the island to visit the Hon Ba Temple. On the other days, the road only emerges at night. a3 1  When the road appears, thousands of residents and tourists go to the island easily. However, after four hours, the road is submerged again and people will have to come back shore by boat.
a4 2  The "secret road" is formed by natural reefs. As it is usually submerged, a lot of oysters stick to the road, making it very sharp and dangerous for travelers. a33 1 a6 1  People have to hurry to visit the temple to come back to the mainland before the road disappears.
DSC1736  Hon Ba Temple was built on the island in 1781 to worship the Sea Goddess. The temple has been restored several times. At present, it is 4m tall and has a basement 6m long, 3m wide. a7 1  People burn incense and pray at Hon Ba Temple. a8 1  Offerings are also available on the island.
a10 1  Hundreds of people walk on the "secret" path. a12  The blue water surrounding the island of Hon Ba.