Thu Dau Mot

The tomb is located on the land of the Tran family, a family with a long tradition in Thu Dau Mot. Due to the loss of historical documents, no one knows who Mr. Lan is and when the tomb was built. The remains show that the tomb is an elaborate feudal-style architectural work.
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-01 Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-02  The front gate of the mausoleum Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-15
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-03  A stone dog statue in front of the tomb Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-04  The mausoleum consists of three big tombs and smaller ones that were built recently Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-05  Behind the tomb is the family temple, with two ancient trees on two sides
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-06  The front of the temple Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-07  The side of the temple Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-08  The main altar
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-09  Decoration on the altar Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-10  Decoration on the altar Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-11  There are four small altars on the two sides
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-12  Old bricks engraved with Chinese characters Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-13 Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-14
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-16 Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-17 Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-18
Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-19 Kienthuc-Mo-Ong-Lan-20  Around the main tomb are smaller tombs in different positions