Linh Quy Pháp An Pagoda

Located on top of Đại Bình Mountain, some 25km north of Bảo Lộc City in Lâm Đồng Province, Linh Quy Pháp Ấn Pagoda appears to be out of this world. At dawn, the pagoda emerges from a sea of clouds under the day’s first light. And, after a 1000-metre climb, the view from top of the mountain is nothing short of spectacular.
20170528101224-25  The courtyard submerged in misty cloud early in the morning. 20170528103557-1  Visitors join the monks to chant the teaching of Buddha. 20170528103557-2  Everyone is welcome to sit down and join the monks in their contemplation sessions.
20170528103557-3  A view below from the steps of the contemplation hall. 20170528103805-4  couple take pre-wedding pictures in the courtyard. While it’s not forbidden, visitors must do their best to not disturb the monks and clean up after themselves. 20170528103805-5  Sunset view from inside contemplation hall.