Son Tay - Mia Pagoda

Son Tay town in Hanoi has many well-known historical – cultural sites such as Dong Mo lake, Son Tay ancient citadel, Duong Lam ancient village, Den Va festival, and Mia pagoda.
Thap co  As one of the 10 oldest temples in Vietnam, Mia pagoda has the most beautiful ancient statues in Vietnam sung-nghiem-tu cm4
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Tam Bao 2 Tam Bao 3 Tuong Ngai Ho Phap ben tai trai, truoc them Tam Bao
Mot ben dong Quan Am Nam Hai Dong Quan Am Thi Kinh Duc Chuan De
Ban Tho Duc Thanh Hien 18 Vi La Han 1 18 Vi La Han 2
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