Son Doong Cave

Vietnam’s Son Doong, the world’s largest cave
Son Doong Cave-1 Son Doong Cave-2 Son Doong Cave-3
Son Doong Cave-4 Son Doong Cave-5 Son Doong Cave-6
Son Doong Cave-7 Son Doong Cave-8 Son Doong Cave-9
Son Doong Cave-10 Son Doong Cave-11 Son Doong Cave-12
Son Doong Cave-13 20150608153413-1  The area named “Watch out dinosaurs”. Photo: Ryan Deboodt. 20150608153413-2  Forests in the cave. Photo: John Spies.
20150608153413-3  Waterfall "in another world". Photo: Ryan Deboodt. 20150608153413-4  A carrier enters the Garden of Eden area. Photo: Dinh Anh Nguyen Cuong. 20150608153413-5  Deb Limbert, who discovered Son Doong cave with Howart Limbert, in the “Watch out dinosaurs” area. Photo: Mike Rowbottom.
20150608153413-6  The world’s largest stalactite: 80m. Photo: John Spies. 20150608153413-7  The river inside the cave. Photo: Ryan Deboodt. 20150608153413-8  The underground magic world. Photo: Ryan Deboodt.
20150608153413-9  Stalactites in the cave. Photo: John Spies. 20150608153413-10  In a different layer. Photo: John Spies. 20150608153413-11  The Garden of Eden. Photo: Ryan Deboodt.
20150608153413-12  The depth of Son Doong. Photo: Mike Rowbottom. 20150608153413-13  The cave has its own climate system. Photo: John Spies. 20150608153413-14  Light coming down. Photo: Ryan Deboodt.