Huế ( listen) is the capital city of Thua Thien-Huế province, Vietnam. Between 1802 and 1945, it was the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty. It is well known for its monuments and architecture. Its population stands at about 950,000 people.[1] In Sino-Vietnamese script, used until 1945, the name of the city is written 化.

An Dinh Palace

After abdicating the throne, the last king of Vietnam – Bao Dai – asked to keep An Dinh Palace, which was built by his father - Emperor Khai Dinh – outside the Hue royal citadel, as the home of his family.

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Hue Citadel

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Khai Dinh Tomb

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King Gia Long

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Minh Ma Tomb

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Tu Duc Tomb

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Van Mieu Hue

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H 6 LGFS  The Flag Tower is the focal point of Hue city. It is commonly known as the Flag pole H 7 FHTI  A panorama view of the Imperial Citadel H 8 WUWW  Bridges cross Huong Giang River
H 10 DMJN  Yellow paddy rice fields H 11 BKEO  Romantic Huong Giang River viewed from height H 12 FJEG  Dong Khanh and Quoc Hoc Hue are two famous high schools on the banks of Huong River