h 1 YSMO  Cyclos are popular in the streets of Hanoi h 2 DZGT  Female students in Ao dai h 3 MWBM  Family restaurants and trendy motorbikes of the 1990s
h 4 WIKK  A confectionery shop h 5 WVXF  Bustling life of the sidewalks h 6 XRON  Women’s fashion in the 1990s
h 7 JSYQ  A photo studio in a small alley in Hanoi’s old street h 9 JPRA  A barber shop h 10 RLMH  Men’s fashion in the early 1990s
h 11 DLQA  High-angle view of a street corner h 8 KKHW  A young girl with an ‘angel face’