4-1434209104 660x0  Red-shanked Douc Langur appear in the green forest. To detect them, aside from paying attention to their feather color, tourists are able to hear the sound when they move to other tree. 3-1434209115 660x0  This is also a suitable tour for those who love photographing. To take beautiful pictures, tourists should bring telephoto lens with focal lengths from 300mm upwards. IMG-0109-1434209171 660x0  Red-shanked Douc Langur has five- color feather. Thanks to unique beauty, these animals are honored as Queen of Primates by International Wild Animal Organization.
IMG-9440-1434209197 660x0  According to Management board of Son Tra peninsula and beaches for tourism in Da Nang, this tour is not only for tourism but also to protect these primates. IMG-9527-1434209227 660x0  In many forests, Red-shanked Douc Langur hide in tree branches; hence, it is quite hard to detect them. But about at 4pm, Queen of Primates often appear to find food. IMG-9674-1434209255 660x0
IMG-9788-1434209286 660x0  A couple of Langurs were detected because of its white tails. The number of tourists for this tour will be limited, to prevent disturbance to ecosystem. A langur leader howls to sign a strange appearance in their territory. To see langurs, tourists should wear dark shirts and avoid making noise.The langur sightseeing tour will begin in July.