Chu Dang Ya Volcano

Chu Dang Ya is an extinct volcano in Pleiku, Gia Lai Province.
20181125210416-36  The extinct Chu Dang Ya volcano as seen from the distance. volcano 2 KLHW  In the language of the J’rai ethnic minority group, Chu Dang Ya means wild ginger. volcano 3 EFBU  Located 30 kilometers away from Pleiku city, Chu Dang Ya is located in Ploi Iagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district.
volcano 4 PAUK  The J’rai ethnic people have done agricultural work for generations. volcano 5 QJZP  Notably, the fertile land here brings is home to a number of plants. volcano 6 TGEN  The plants continue to grow and are ever-green, even without watering.
volcano 7 ZJLQ  The extinct Chu Dang Ya volcano has been dubbed “the Heaven of Wild Sunflower”. volcano 8 TWMX  November is the season for wild sunflowers. volcano 9 ZRTY
volcano 10 LOFY volcano 11 NTVS volcano 12 GKSJ  Climbing the volcano and admiring the beautiful Da Quy is a truly interesting experience.