Cham Islet

Cham Islet: Recognized as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO, Cham Islet is a group of eight small islands: Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Lao, Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon La, Hon Tai, and Hon Ong.
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20140707113448-4  The Hai Tang Pagoda was built over 400 years ago to serve the religious needs of the local people. The temple is not managed by Buddhist monks but an elderly couple. 20140707113448-5  The zigzag path takes visitors to the pagoda. 20140707113448-6  The islet is surrounded by blue water.
20140707113448-7  Enjoy fresh seafood on the beach. Tourism services have not been commercialized so the prices are reasonable. 20140707113448-8  The special snails of Cham Islet. 20140707113448-9  Visitors are advised not to bring plastic bags to Cham Islet.
20140707113448-10  The islet has not been connected to the national power grid and the lives of people on the island are still largely dependent on fishing.