Photos of Dak Lac 1963-1964 by Al Adcock
20150711163406-1 20150711163406-2  US air-freighter on the runway of Lac Giao Airport, Buon Me Thuot. 20150711163406-3  A river in Dak Lak viewed from an airplane.
20150711163406-4  A road in Dak Lak, Vietnam's Central Highlands. 20150711163406-5  Vietnamese and American soldiers at a military station in Dak Lak. 20150711163406-6  Inside a strategic hamlet in Dak Lak.
20150711163406-7  The fence of the strategic hamlet. 20150711163406-8  Children in the strategic hamlet. 20150711163406-9  In another strategic hamlet.
20150711163406-10  The market in a strategic hamlet. 20150711163406-11  A new house in a strategic hamlet. 20150711163406-12  American soldiers wash their cars in a stream.