Bac Lieu Salt Farming

Bac Lieu province, the largest salt producer in the Mekong Delta
Bac Lieu 1  Bac Lieu has the largest salt producing area in the Mekong Delta, with 2,668 ha. These days, though it is scorching hot, salt workers still wish to have higher temperature so salt will crystallize more quickly. Bac Lieu 2  According to the local agriculture officials, this year salt workers can harvestL120,000-150,000 tons of salt, averaging 9-12 tons per hectare. Bac Lieu 3  Salt workers use this tool, called “cau” to separate salt.
Bac Lieu 4  One of the heaviest tasks is pulling the “cau”. Bac Lieu 5  A “cau” is very heavy and only strong men can pull it under the sun. Bac Lieu 6  Salt is gathered into piles.
Bac Lieu 7  And being put into baskets to transport to warehouses. Bac Lieu 8  Each salt basket weighs 30-40 kg. Bac Lieu 9  Transporting salt to warehouses is the hardest stage. Salt workers still transport salt by carrying baskets on their shoulders.
Bac Lieu 10  Salt porters earn VND200,000-300,000/day ($10-15). Bac Lieu 11  According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Hai district, the largest salt field in Bac Lieu, the salt purchase price is currently at VND35,000/30kg of white salt and VND18,000-20,000/30kg of black salt. At this price, salt workers can earn profit of VND15-20 million/ha. Bac Lieu 12  High temperature will yield beautiful grains of salt.
Bac Lieu 13  Most of the salt workers are men.