Bac Kan

Located in the northeastern part of Vietnam, about 170 km away from Hanoi, Bac Kan is a province rich in tourism potential. This feature is credited to Bac Kan's abundance in natural resources (including land, forest and mineral resources) as well as its charm in cultural identity (with 7 ethnic minority groups).
homestay-in-pac-ngoi-village  Pac Ngoi Village khu-bao-ton-thien-nhien-kim-hy-2  Kim Hy Nature Reserve atk bac kan  "An Toan Khu - ATK", meaning "safe zone". Constructed during the revolution against the French, ATK is a complex of underground tunnels and rooms emboldened by a missile defense system in Cho Don (Bac Kan).
14169425995 2deb55c43a z (1)  Ao Tien (Fairy) Pond 5281361539 6256d79a1f b d 1  Puong Cave ho-ba-be  Ba Be Lake
Babe  Ba Be National Park 13782682805226b4780b1d6  Thach Long Pagoda den-tham  Tham Temple
nang-tien.1  Nang Tien (Fairy) Grotto