Ba Na

Ba Na Hills in Danang when evening arrives and the temperature cools are reminiscent of ancient mysterious and irresistibly romantic European castles shrouded in a mist of fog.
BaNa1  Many images of Ba Na appear as though they have been lifted right out of a fairy tale. BaNa2  Particularly those of church steeples laden with fog in the early evening as the streets begin to calm. BaNa3  A serene fountain setting in the town centre conjures up a timeless classical European peaceful ambiance.
BaNa4  A cathedral is suggestive of a gothic church in basilica style. BaNa5  Inside the church, the majesty conjures up images of the most elegant of ancient European cathedrals. BaNa6  Street corners, narrow roads carry a bold mark of Europe.
BaNa7  Somewhere soothing French music is playing a melody sure to make visitors feel as if they’re walking in magnificent Paris. BaNa8  Early morning is the best time in Ba Na. BaNa9  The first rays of the day cast images of ancient Greece.
BaNa10 BaNa11  Very magnificent scenery of peaks of Ba Na is ‘truly fairy tale scenery’. BaNa12
BaNa13 BaNa14  With fresh cold air and brilliant sunshine, Ba Na stirs poignant images of a miniature Europe.