Kyansittha Umin 2/13/09

Kyanzittha Umin means "the cave of Kyanzittha". This cave is a lowe, unpretentious brick structure with long dark corridors. Located only a short distance west of Nyaung U village is the Kyanzittha Umin. This place is served as a temple for a place of lodging the monks. Although officially credited to Kyanzittha, this cave temple may actually date back to Anawrahta. Built into a cliff face close to the Shwezigon, the long, dimly lit corridors are decorated with frescoes, some of which are thought to have been painted by Bagan's Tartar invaders during the period of the Mongol occupation after 1287. The frescoes are dated back to the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. There are four entrances into the cave. The building is about 29 feet high from the ground to the ceiling. The length of the cave is about 77 feet.