Mingun is a town in Sagaing Division, Myanmar, located 11 km up the Ayeyarwady River from Mandalay.

Mingun-1  Mingun Mingun-2  Mingun Mingun-3  Mingun
Mingun-4  Mingun Mingun-5 Mingun-6
Mingun-7 Mingun-8 Mingun-9
Mingun-10 Mingun-11 Mingun-12
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Mingun-30 Mingun-31 Mingun-32
Mingun-33 Mingun-34 Mingun-35
Mingun-36 Mingun-37 Mingun-38
Mingun-39 Mingun-40 Mingun-41
Mingun-42 Mingun-43 Mingun-45
Mingun-46 Mingun-47 Mingun-49  Mingun Pahtodawgyi - It is the ruined Mingun Paya, a Buddhist temple with the remains of a massive stupa begun by King Bodawpaya in 1790. If the constrution had been completed, it would have been the largest in the world at 150 meters. It was again damaged by 1838 earthquake.
Mingun-51  Mingun Pahtodawgyi Mingun-52  Mingun Pahtodawgyi Mingun-53  Mingun Pahtodawgyi
Mingun-54  Mingun Pahtodawgyi Mingun-55  Mingun Pahtodawgyi Mingun-56  Mingun Pahtodawgyi
Mingun-57  Mingun Pahtodawgyi Mingun-58 Mingun-59
Mingun-60 Mingun-61 Mingun-62
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Mingun-90 Mingun-94 Mingun-97
Mingun-98 Mingun-99 Mingun-100
Mingun-101 Mingun-102 Mingun-103
Mingun-104 Mingun-105  Mingun Bell - King Bodawpaya has a gigantic bell cast to go with his huge stupa. The Mingun Bell weighs 90 tons, or 55555 viss and is today the largest uncracked, ringing bell in the world. Mingun Bell is situated right next to the Mingun Pahtodawgyi. King Bodawpaya dedicated to construct a gigantic Pagoda, a gigantic bell and a gigantic lion during his reign. But he was not able to complete the pagoda. Mingun-106  Mingun Bell
Mingun-107  Mingun Bell Mingun-108  Mingun Bell Mingun-109  Mingun Bell
Mingun-110  Mingun Bell Mingun-111  Mingun Bell Mingun-112  Mingun Bell
Mingun-113  Mingun Bell Mingun-114  Mingun Bell Mingun-115  Mingun Bell
Mingun-117  Mingun Bell Mingun-118  Mingun Bell Mingun-119  Mingun Bell
Mingun-121 Mingun-122 Mingun-123  Mya Theindan Pagoda - It is also known as Hninbyume Pagoda because it was donated by the Hsinbyume Princess, who was one the Queen of King Bodawpaya. It is just next to the Pahtodawgyi.
Mingun-124  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-125  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-126  Mya Theindan Pagoda
Mingun-127  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-128  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-129  Mya Theindan Pagoda
Mingun-130  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-131  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-132  Mya Theindan Pagoda
Mingun-133  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-134  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-136  Mya Theindan Pagoda
Mingun-138  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-139  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-140  Mya Theindan Pagoda
Mingun-141  Mya Theindan Pagoda Mingun-142 Mingun-143
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