Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is located in Mon State. It is about 20kms from the town Kyaikhto. It is a 7.3 meters pagoda on top of a big "Golden Rock". The massive golden boulder is right on top of the Kyaikhto mountain.

Legend say that the boulder maintains its precarius balance due to a precisely placed Buddha hair inside the pagoda. Once there was a King who received the Buddha's hair in the 11th century from a hermit.

Golden Rock-0001 Golden Rock-0002 Golden Rock-0003
Golden Rock-0004 Golden Rock-0005 Golden Rock-0006
Golden Rock-0007 Golden Rock-0008 Golden Rock-0009
Golden Rock-0010 Golden Rock-0011 Golden Rock-0012
Golden Rock-0013 Golden Rock-0014 Golden Rock-0015
Golden Rock-0016 Golden Rock-0017 Golden Rock-0018
Golden Rock-0019 Golden Rock-0020 Golden Rock-0021
Golden Rock-0022 Golden Rock-0023 Golden Rock-0024
Golden Rock-0025 Golden Rock-0026 Golden Rock-0027
Golden Rock-0028 Golden Rock-0029 Golden Rock-0030
Golden Rock-0031 Golden Rock-0032 Golden Rock-0033
Golden Rock-0034 Golden Rock-0035 Golden Rock-0036
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Golden Rock-0040 Golden Rock-0041 Golden Rock-0042
Golden Rock-0043 Golden Rock-0044 Golden Rock-0045
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Golden Rock-0049 Golden Rock-0050 Golden Rock-0051
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Golden Rock-0055 Golden Rock-0056 Golden Rock-0057
Golden Rock-0058 Golden Rock-0059 Golden Rock-0060
Golden Rock-0061 Golden Rock-0062 Golden Rock-0063
Golden Rock-0064 Golden Rock-0065 Golden Rock-0066
Golden Rock-0067 Golden Rock-0068 Golden Rock-0069
Golden Rock-0070 Golden Rock-0071 Golden Rock-0072
Golden Rock-0073 Golden Rock-0074 Golden Rock-0075
Golden Rock-0076 Golden Rock-0077 Golden Rock-0078
Golden Rock-0079 Golden Rock-0080 Golden Rock-0081
Golden Rock-0082 Golden Rock-0090 Golden Rock-0091
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Golden Rock-0138 Golden Rock-0139 Golden Rock-0140
Golden Rock-0141 Golden Rock-0142 Golden Rock-0143
Golden Rock-0144 Golden Rock-0145 Golden Rock-0146
Golden Rock-0147 Golden Rock-0156 Golden Rock-0157
Golden Rock-0158 Golden Rock-0159 Golden Rock-0162
Golden Rock-0163 Golden Rock-0164 Golden Rock-0165
Golden Rock-0166 Golden Rock-0167 Golden Rock-0168
Golden Rock-0169 Golden Rock-0170 Golden Rock-0171
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