Dark Cave

Batu Caves, is a limestone hill, which has a series of caves and cave temples, located in Gombak district, 13 kilometres (8 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu or Batu River, which flows past the hill. Batu Caves is also the name of the nearby village.

The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.
DSC 2625 DSC 2626 Dark Cave-2
Dark Cave-3 Dark Cave-5 Dark Cave-6
Dark Cave-7 Dark Cave-8 Dark Cave-9
Dark Cave-10 Dark Cave-11 Dark Cave-12
Dark Cave-13 Dark Cave-14 Dark Cave-15
Dark Cave-17 Dark Cave-18 Dark Cave-19
Dark Cave-20 Dark Cave-21 Dark Cave-22
Dark Cave-23 Dark Cave-24 Dark Cave-25
Dark Cave-27 Dark Cave-28 Dark Cave-29
Dark Cave-30 Dark Cave-31 Dark Cave-32
Dark Cave-33 Dark Cave-34 Dark Cave-35
Dark Cave-36 Dark Cave-37 Dark Cave-38
Dark Cave-39 Dark Cave-40 Dark Cave-41
Dark Cave-42 Dark Cave-43 Dark Cave-44
Dark Cave-45 Dark Cave-46 Dark Cave-47
Dark Cave-48 Dark Cave-49 Dark Cave-50
Dark Cave-51 Dark Cave-52 Dark Cave-53
Dark Cave-54 Dark Cave-55 Dark Cave-57
Dark Cave-58 Dark Cave-59 Dark Cave-60
Dark Cave-61 Dark Cave-62 Dark Cave-65
Dark Cave-67 Dark Cave-70 Dark Cave-71
Dark Cave-72 Dark Cave-73 Dark Cave-74
Dark Cave-75 Dark Cave-78 Dark Cave-79
Dark Cave-80 Dark Cave-81 Dark Cave-83
Dark Cave-84 Dark Cave-85 Dark Cave-86
Dark Cave-87 Dark Cave-88 Dark Cave-89
Dark Cave-90 Dark Cave-91 Dark Cave-92
Dark Cave-1 Dark Cave-4 Dark Cave-16
Dark Cave-26 Dark Cave-56 Dark Cave-63
Dark Cave-64 Dark Cave-66 Dark Cave-69
Dark Cave-68 Dark Cave-76 Dark Cave-77
Dark Cave-82